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Benefits of Using Live Webcasting at Your Next Conference
26 Mar, 2015. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin

Live WebcastingWhen organising a conference, many people focus in on the established elements; such as booking a venue, organising catering, hiring relevant event media and so forth. Due to the fact that there is such an ‘established’ way of doing things, it’s not uncommon for companies to forget to explore other options; which may help to enhance the experience.

Webcasting is a great example of this. It’s becoming an increasingly popular option for conferences, yet several companies still don’t consider it when arranging their event. However, in the 21st century, it’s vitally important to keep up-to-date on developing technology, and to implement it in your business practice wherever possible; and webcasting is a great way to achieve this.

The Benefits of Webcasting at Your Conference

  • Increase your reach. In these uncertain economic times, many businesses simply cannot afford to send their employees to conferences. Equally, they may simply be too busy to spare a colleague for an extended period of time. Webcasting enables you to reach those who are unable to be there in person; helping them to avoid paying out for travel and accommodation. Best of all, the webcast will also remain available after the event, giving people the option to catch up with events in their own time.
  • Hold live Q & As. It’s a common misconception that webcasting results in a less engaged audience; however, this is simply not the case, as many a company will tell you. Your audience will be able to ask you questions and you’ll be able to answer them in real-time.
  • Boost revenue. Webcasting is actually an incredibly effective way to boost revenue. Due to the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy a potential world wide audience, you’ll be able to sell conference passes to those who may have been unlikely to attend the event in person. In addition to this, you can also sell webcast sponsorship to exhibitors or sponsors.
  • Get better speakers. It’s difficult to secure great speakers if they are required to be there in person, particularly if they need to travel great distances. With webcasting, the world is suddenly that much smaller. High quality speakers can present at your event, from the comfort of their own home.
  • Combine picture in picture. When watching the event back online, your audience will be able to see both the presentation and the speaker, rather than having to focus on just the one, thus improving their viewing experience.

Greater Flexibility

Ultimately, we live in a changing world. The way in which businesses operate has altered significantly in the last decade, and it is becoming increasingly more common to interact using web-based technology. After all, given that it saves considerable revenue and time, it’s hardly surprising!

Using webcasting at your conference not only presents you with far greater opportunities and flexibility, it also sends out a very powerful message about your company; as a forward-thinking organisation, willing to embrace the latest technology.

If you want to find out more about how you can use live webcasting to great effect at your next conference event, simply get in touch with us today.

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